Comparative Democracy Assessment


03/27/2009  We have now uploaded the first country/election assessment data for your inspection and comments. more to follow asap! Click on "data"

Jørgen Elklit participated November 17-19, 2008 in Nairobi in a National Seminar on "The Role of Parliament in the Reconciliation and Institutional Reform Process in Kenya", jointly organised by The Inter-Parliamentary Union and Kenya's National Assembly.


Jørgen Elklit's presentation was titled: "Reform of the Electoral System in Light of the Report of the Independent Review Commission"

Jørgen Elklit did function as Secretary to the Independent Review Commission (IREC) from April to September 2008. The Commission's brief was to analyse what went wrong in the elections in Kenya on 27 December 2007 and present proposals for improving Kenya's electoral legislation and administration. the report kan be downloaded from


Jørgen Elklit on 23 February 2010 published an op-ed (written with Dr Birgitta Wistrand of Uppsala, Sweden) "Hvor demokratisk er Sverige?" (How Democratic is Sweden?) in the Danish daily Politiken